{Memory} Living at Sacred Earth Community

The first question I’m often asked by visitors at Sacred Earth Community is one that even I find a mystery worth unraveling.

“Damon, It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

I gave my friend a hug and nervously laughed at her comment. If anything I guess I’m surprised at how willing she was to drive out 34 miles from near downtown to meet me. I mean, Sacred Earth Community is still in Tucson but it is a bit out there, located at 13554 W Sacred Earth Pl.

We walked around in the evening, played mini-golf and watched the sunset. She made a promise to visit again. We only had time to tour Harmony and Health and Terrasante Village community library (it’s so incredible – oh the books and there’s a guitar in there that I love to play when no one is reading).


Sacred Earth Community exists on about 160 acres of land. We have a diverse neighborhood of eclectic individuals, families, Harmony and Health Foundation, TerraSante Village, Dharma Vista, Kokopelli Gardens, Toadal Luminosity, and Tohono Hill….continues to expand with land owners.


“What brought you here?”

The first question I’m often asked by visitors at Sacred Earth Community is one that even I find a mystery worth unraveling.

Thinking back, it was as if a prayer had been answered, Divine intervention of the gods/goddesses. No kidding.

I had worked a full week at my job, a synagogue in East Tucson and was ready to wind down. My pay was lowered to a saddening point, making it impossible to live on my own. My girlfriend, Laura Scigliano invited me to an outdoor restaurant. I could still remember a couple dancing to some good live music and meeting Nick and a lovely older woman, Juliana, and her dog, telling her about my love for online real estate and web design. Later that night as I was standing with Laura next to the bar, a man introduced himself to me, Tomas Mendola. He and Laura already knew each other. Such a small town, lol.

Tomas went into a deep spiritual conversation about the life transitional cycle…I was intrigued. I hadn’t really met anyone besides Laura and my best friend Jamaal Branch to have such conversations with. At the end of the conversation, Tomas expressed interest in my web design service. I went home feeling more open with so many questions. Perhaps that was the moment…the opening of a door to new paths. Oh, the beauty of human connection.

A few weeks later it was time to look for a new job. As I was surfing craigslist I saw a job seeking people to live at a sustainable community, Harmony and Health, part of Sacred Earth Community, low rent of $100/mo with at least 2 hrs of work in areas of expertise including…..WEB DESIGN, Yes!! Lol, it was posted by Dani K, she was working with Tomas Mendola to invite new people. Omg, the coincidence…or rather, synchronicity! By that time I was already friends with Tomas on Facebook so I messaged him with my interest in living at the community.

I think it’s been a year now, not really keeping count. I moved to Sacred Earth Community, what I call The Land after quitting my job. To this day Tomas says “Something is Happening” I believe the same.

Garlic Harvest


April, May and early June (2019) were busy months with lots of digging and harvesting and planting.

At Sacred Earth Community we work together on projects, agriculture, and events. Harmony and Health is where we have most of the music events, the sweat, dinners, and the annual Bhakti Celebration Festival. We celebrated Buddha’s birthday at Dharma Vista and I’m almost certain that this summer some residents are taking a swim at Kokopelli Gardens after enjoying some freshly-picked fruits.


I chose to live near Sunflower Superfoods and work with the business owner, Dani K and her team. We plant seeds, gardening, farmers market and some creative projects such as building, painting, and decor.

Last month, we worked together on mosaic tiles. She gathered some tiles and we did our best to make it look good on the countertop. She always says “all we can do is our best :)”


I’m learning not to turn down projects that I’m not familiar with. In the past, I was almost always on the computer mostly doing web design work and not venturing outside my field of work. Ever since I moved to Sacred Earth Community, I said heck yea to mosaic tiles, heck yea to planting seeds and heck yea to passing out flyers for events and classes. Next, hopefully, I’ll help to build a tiny home.



Morning meditation is normally at the teepe, however, no one is forced into anything they don’t want to do. For some like myself, meditation is mostly done near trees and open space on the land, especially the areas near Toadal Luminosity Toad Sanctuary. I like finding natural circular areas to sit at and sound out OMs as I connect with the soul of Earth.

Some times I make Earth art, is that a thing? One morning after meditation I was playing with stones, just randomly shuffling them in my hand and throwing them and then connecting them using other stones nearby to form a picture…I named it Earth constellations 😀





art-in-sand-tucson-arizona.jpgI say random, but nothing we do, see or experience is random. Intentional community…why was it named that? Just by living at Sacred Earth Community the answer is in everything, everywhere. I was walking one day with that question on my mind and decided to set an intention to receive a message every day and to live in love. To be guided. I came across a rock…shaped like a wolf’s paw, a cloud shaped like a heart, a wood with an angel like carving all on separate occasions during my walks




Now listen, I’m not Harry Potter, I gave up a long time ago at pointing my spoon and screaming Alohamora and Accio at shit, really it pisses me off that nothing happens lol. However, Nature…nature is magic, humans are magic, we are magic, divine, children born from pure love! That is the magic we feel and see. At the community that love is felt so strongly.


One day at the bhakti kitchen, and omg the food, so good. Even more warming when with other loving souls. Anyway, when most of everyone left, I sat with Tomas Mendola, director of Harmony and Health and Cam (a hardworking young man) was there too. I asked Tomas what he was doing around age 20. The community I live at is so extraordinary to me that I felt a need to ask what he was like when he was younger. He said in summary, nothing has really changed as far as his goals, they are the same.

When he was younger he was part of an extraordinary project to help improve the mental health of young adults. In the program, they were appreciated for their uniqueness. Some had parents who only felt shame for them, sad really. Tomas was near tears as he recalled working with the kids and remembering his mentor. He and a few other landowners came together to form Sacred Earth Community with what I see is the intention to live in kindness, togetherness, and sustainability…harmony with people and planet.


Sacred Earth Community is my home. It’s becoming, just like I’m becoming. Spiritual growth, higher awareness, togetherness…you’ll find like-minded people on similar journeys on their own path. I’m a lone wolf but not at all lonely… in the middle of nowhere. I am in Sacred Earth Community, in Tucson, in Arizona, in the U.S. in Earth, in Space, in…Love.


Some owls I spotted during my walk


Gila Monster


They hatched, congrats mama


Fridge poetry, I couldn’t resist doing


Drumming in the comfort dome


casey-shaw-bahkti-celebration.jpgBhakti Celebration 2019 Event at Harmony and Health


Prepared breakfast with sprouts, grown at the greenhouse


Staying fit thanks to healthy living


My best pup-friend, Shadow


Such Fond Memories


Where in Tucson is Sacred Earth Community?

Sacred Earth Community 

13554 W Sacred Earth Pl
Tucson, Arizona 85735


Info: Sacred Earth Community is a diverse neighborhood of eclectic individuals, families, Harmony and Health Foundation, TerraSante Village, Dharma Vista, Kokopelli Gardens, Toadal Luminosity, and Tohono Hill. We collaborate on roads, projects, erosion control, well water, agriculture, events, farmers markets, sustainability, permaculture, esoteric science, healing, art, and spirituality. Welcoming new residents.

Live Long and Prosper

Thank you for reading. Peace and Love

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