{Trainer} Divine Guidance Astrology is here today with Jamaal Branch

Jamaal talks about his training as an Aura Monk and welcomes you to join

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On today’s podcast, we have a special Guest who practiced Aura Monking. Sounds exciting right well come dive deep with us as we expand into multiple topics that conclude his vast practice. Check Jamaal out at his website Auramonk.com. – From Divine Guidance Astrology

I connected with Raine (Divine Guidance Astrology) on her Instagram a few weeks ago and we met a few times having some great conversations about astrology and energy. After we talked about the clearing of negative energies I told her about my best friend Jamaal Branch and his Aura Monk training service. She invited him to her podcast and I offered to record the beginning so you can see their beautiful faces. I felt Reid Park would be a great meetup location to be in nature during the interview.


Our collaboration was a success!ย 

Thank you Raine and Jamaal! Much Love and Many Blessings ๐Ÿ˜Šโœจ

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