{Model} Andrea Larriva on creating art and sharing photography passion

Being vulnerable in front of the camera filled me with so much emotion, it terrified me but also gave me so much excitement.

Tucson is a small town yet if it weren’t for Meetup and Facebook groups most would be at a loss on where to go when interested in a certain group activity and help on a chosen career path.

Andrea Larriva has lived in Tucson, Az all her life. She always had a love for photography since she was a little girl but that love grew immensely when her dad gave her his old Canon AE-1 film camera passed down from his father for her Highschool photography class. Over the years her love for photography continued to grow and a little over a year ago she decided to try something new and join the Arizona Photo Events Meetup group to try modeling.


Model/MUA Stylist: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  Photographer: Tim Toms Instagram: @timsphotos2001

What has your experience with modeling been like?

Andrea: Being vulnerable in front of the camera filled me with so much emotion, it terrified me but also gave me so much excitement….I’ve grown to love modeling.


Model/ Stylist: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  Photographer: Shawna Cadwell Instagram: @shawnacadwell

Over this year of modeling, I’ve had several photographers reach out to me to collaborate together to create art.  Corinne Larue’s group, Arizona Photo Events was the start of my journey and it has just blossomed from there. There are also other photo groups I’ve worked with who found me on Facebook and Instagram.


Model/MUA Stylist: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  Photographer: Steven Hernandez Instagram: @firststagephotography

That’s right Corinne said great things about you! She said “I love Andrea…What a personality!”. There are 3 Arizona Photo Events groups. She was telling me that in the meetup group Arizona Modeling,  people of all ages shapes and sizes are invited to live a dream be it modeling, photography or makeup application. Here’s a link for anyone interested in learning more and to rsvp: https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaPhotoEventz


Model/MUA Stylist: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  Photographer: Chris Ruhl Instagram: @bellavidastudio

Who would you thank for pushing your modeling forward in Tucson?

That’s a hard question to answer because a lot of people have played a part in it… Event hosts such as Corinne, photographers, and models I’ve worked with and learned from. My girlfriend, family, and friends are always supporting my work as well which always pushes me to continue the art and growing from it.


Is that a tattoo of the camera your dad gave you on your arm?

Yes, that’s the camera I was talking about 🥰. I’m working on getting a full sleeve and more, I have goals to be a tattoo model. I’ve always loved tattoos so much and follow tattoo models for inspiration. One of my favorite tattoo models is Angela Mazzanti.


Model/ Stylist: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  Photographer: Eugene Starobinskiy Instagram: @cyanotypeworld

Modeling is an art, I feel like I should focus-in on that before we conclude. Emotion…it’s normally the first thing I experience when viewing art..rather than intellect. What are your thoughts?

Totally agree! Honestly when I don’t have the right emotion going into a shoot the art I envisioned when planning the shoot doesn’t come through and it’s sad and frustrating at times. To me art isn’t something that can be forced, it’s something that comes naturally.


Model: Andrea Larriva Instagram: @andreamarie0801.  MUA: @kmsfx

Photographer: Jane Pruitt Instagram: @janepruittphotography

Thank you for sharing Andrea!

Thank you, Damon. I’m honored to be a part of Tucson Buzz.

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Featured Photo by Photographer: Dave Joseph Instagram: @vicariouslens

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