{Doula} Elizabeth Radl on a transition to love

As a community, we are much stronger than the individuals that challenge the removal of our societal supports and resources.

I’m here with Elizabeth Radl.

Elizabeth’s mission is to eliminate the social and economic barriers that prevent many of us from accessing the wellness services that we need. She proudly serves clients from all racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds. She is passionate about assisting people in regaining their own intuitive wisdom to reach optimal states of well-being by addressing the root cause, so that sustainable lifestyle changes can be implemented. More on Douhridini.com

And here’s her story…

A transition to love  

Written By: Elizabeth Radl

I define transition as a time where major changes are occurring in one’s life. During these shifts, people often need a great deal of rest and support. Taking a pause is almost always an investment in the evolution of clarity and peace. You might ask, what are the challenges of living in a society that doesn’t allow time and space for rest and healing? What are the repercussions of not taking time to reset emotionally, physically, spiritually and professionally? Let me tell you my story.

Several years ago I was working extremely hard at a job where I was undervalued on many levels. I was inundated with student debt after acquiring my university degree and similarly to many Americans, I had hoped to pay-down my loans by brute endurance. My job was stressful and at times dangerous, but I pushed myself to get there each and every day so that I could pay my rent and bills. The trouble is that life unfolded outside of my plan. The cumulative stress of years of having worked long hours at low paying and emotionally taxing jobs in the midst of a housing crisis had taken its toll. I had always worked in the field of social work or health care. I worked as an emergency medical technician and also a residential counselor. I was always stunned at how low I was paid in these high risk and yet necessary jobs. With rents on the rise, almost all of my earnings went toward the cost of housing.

I found out that my body had developed several tumors. My body was shutting down from the stress and demands of life. If I wasn’t going to consciously take a break, it was going to make me. I had to quit my job and in doing so, there was no way to pay for my rent. My employer had avoided offering me health insurance, always keeping me working one hour less than the amount which would qualify me for coverage. So, I scrambled to find medical coverage and started on the journey of addressing this major health crisis. Several surgeries, infections and a dose of medical malpractice later left me thinking that I was in a better position prior to finding out about the tumors. Family support emerged as my buffer. They kept me from ending up homeless. I had always followed the rules. I was an excellent student and athlete growing up. I worked hard and saved my money, but it was never enough to tackle the rising cost of education and housing. When I had used up all of my savings to pay for rent, I moved back to my childhood home with my parents.

Fast forward to present day and I am still recovering my health. Since the time of my tumors, I have also been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I recently stopped working to address some serious infections. Here in Arizona, I don’t have any family nearby. This one variable caused me to face homelessness. The cost of housing is continuing to rise here in the US. My earnings are not. Here in Arizona, I was working as a part-time teacher while I recovered my health.

Eventually, I had to give up my work completely due to my health. In giving up my work, I also gave up the ability to pay for my housing.

I am privileged to have a family that is safe and supportive, but they are not local. Many people do not have family that they can reach out to for support. For these people, family and support must be created. The amount of support needed to sustain a person nutritionally, emotionally and physically during a crisis is tremendous. It takes a village to rebuild the mind, body, and soul of those damaged from soul loss as a result of trying to make it in the systems of education, housing, and healthcare in current-day America. Unfortunately, our hyper-individualistic and competitive mindset in the U.S keeps many people from understanding the gifts of what it means to have true community support.

Sacred Earth Community in Tucson, AZ is an example of a beautiful space where people are intentionally and consciously understanding the necessity of chosen family and built-in support networks. Sometimes it is necessary to be loved and nourished by others. When each person works at their small piece of the puzzle, the bigger picture seamlessly evolves. With the support of a larger vision, each person can be encouraged to uncover and evolve their own individual gifts and contributions that align with a more natural and intuitive style of living. No longer is housing jeopardized when someone needs a break from working to address a health issue. When I worked as a farmer we used to say “many hands make for light work”. This statement couldn’t be more true.

I’m here to tell you that many of the systems in this country are not in favor of you thriving, especially if you are faced with a challenge that affects your mental, physical or spiritual well-being. As the rich become richer and the cost of living continues to increase, it is imperative that we lean on each other for support, strength, and love. As a community, we are much stronger than the individuals that challenge the removal of our societal supports and resources. Together, anything is possible.

Thank you for sharing Liz!

Elizabeth has volunteered to be a contributor writer, stay tuned for more posts.


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